Saturday, February 27, 2010

Seethapaharanam: Kathakali in Singapore

Details are as follows:

Story: Seethapaharanam (Abduction of Seetha: A part from the original story Balivadham, Ramayana)
Venue: The Ixora Room, Perenakan Museum,
Dates: March 6 and 7
Time: First show at 1 PM and second show at 3 PM
Duration of the show: 40 minutes
Fees: FREE admission (Limited seats)

Rama: Kalamandalam Biju
Lakshmana: Mr Anish
Ravana: Mr Sarath
Jadayu: Kalarangam Santhosh
Music and Orchastra: Mr Sajith, Kalamandalam Prasad, Mr Ramesh Varrier
Organised by Bhasker's Arts Academy, Singapore.

Story is as follows:

Scene1 (Rama, Seetha, Lakshmana)
Rama, his wife Seetha and his brother Lakshmana are living in the forest "Panchavadi". One day, they saw a golden deer. Rama shows that golden deer to Seetha. The deer is amazing. It has silver legs, golden body. It jumps and plays while eating grass. She expressed her desire to get that deer. (Actually that deer is the demon Mareecha came to help the demon King Ravana to abduct Seetha). Rama tells Lakshmana to take care of Seetha and he goes to catch the deer. Rama tries to catch the deer in several ways, but he can not catch it. It runs away many times. At last, Rama understood that the deer is not a normal deer and he kills the deer using an arrow. Suddenly the deer cries in the sound of Rama asking help from Seetha and Lakshmana.

Scene2 (Seetha, Lakhmana)

Seetha heard the crying sound from the jungle. She tells Lakshmana to find out Rama and help him. Lakshmana tells Seetha that there is nothing wrong happened to Rama and those sounds are tricks by demons to cheat them. Seetha misunderstood Lakshmana and blames him a lot for not going to help Rama. Lakshmana decided to go and he makes a circle around Seetha (called as Lakshmana Rekha) and tells her not to go out of that circle. The circle is an aid to help her from any unfortunate things. Seetha agreed.

Scene 3 (Seetha, Saint Ravana, Ravana, Jadayu)

At that time, the demon king Ravan disguised himself as a saint comes near Seetha. Seetha comes out of circle and respect the saint. Saint asks whereabouts of Seetha. She tells that a demon came there in the form of a golden deer and her husband went to catch that demon. He will kill that demon deer and come back soon. Then the saint says that he has no time to wait there. He is none other than the great king Ravana. He takes his actual form. He decided to catch Seetha. But then he remember about a curse to him (that if he touch a lady without her permission, his head will break in to pieces). So He takes the part of earth where Seetha is standing and travels back to his kingdom in his aero plane "Pushpaka vimana". Seetha cries to get help from someone. Hearing her cry, Jadayu, a vulture who is friend of Rama's father Dasaratha comes there and asks Ravana to free her. Ravana did not listen to him. They fight each other and at last Ravana cuts the bird's right hand wing. The bird falls down. Seetha bless him to be alive until he meet Rama and tell what happened.

First female character photo: Ganesh Iyer as Seetha
Acknowledgement: Remaining photos from


nair. said...

സീതാപഹരണം കഥകളി വെള്ളായണി നാരായണൻ നായർ രചിച്ചത് ഞാൻ കണ്ടിട്ടുണ്ട്. മടവൂരിന്റെ രാവണൻ, ചെങ്ങാരപ്പള്ളി അനുജന്റെ മാരീചൻ, മങ്കൊമ്പിന്റെ ശ്രീരാമൻ, മാത്തൂർ: സീത, ഫാക്ട് പത്മനാഭൻ : ലക്ഷ്മണൻ, കലാനിലയം മോഹനകുമാറിന്റെ സന്യാസി രാവണൻ എന്നിങ്ങിനെ.

Ganesh said...

Thank you very much to all my friends and well-wishers who came for the performance.

Ganesh said...

Ambujakshan chetta, that is a new information to me. Thank you for sharing it. But here, we played the same Balivadham's those mentioned scenes only.


ബ്ളോഗിൽ ഫോട്ടോ ഇട്ടിരിക്കുന്ന കളി ചിങ്ങോലിയിൽ നടന്നതാണ്. ഞാനും ആ കളി കണ്ടിരുന്നു.