Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sreekrishna Jayanthi: Kathakali in Singapore

As part of Sreekrishna Jayanthi, There is a Kathakali in Singapore, Sreekrishna temple, Bugis

Story: Kamsavadham
Date: 24-08-2008, Sunday 8 PM
Venue: Sreekrishna Temple, Waterloo street, Bugis, Singapore.
Location map:

Time: 8.00 PM - 9.00 PM
Presented by: Bhaskars Arts Academy, Singapore
Admission: FREE

The scenes that are going to perform:

Scene 1: (Sree Krishna, Balarama, Akrura)
Akrura, a devotee of Krishna s coming to Krishna's house. Krishna welcomes him and asks the purpose of visit. Akruran tells that he came with an invitation from Kamsa. Kamsa invites Krishna and Balarama for a "Bow festival". Sree Krishna is ready to go for the festival. All three of them started their journey towards Kamsa's palace, "Madhura". Once they reach Mathura, Akruran leaves Krishna and Balarama as they wish to see the places by walk. Krishna and Balarama goes by watching different scenes on the city.

Scene 2: (Krishnan, Balaraman, Rajakan(washerman))
Krishna and Balarama saw a washerman carrying few very nice clothes and ask him to give the clothes. He refuses to give clothes and teases both of them. They forcefully get the clothes from the washerman.

Scene 3:(Krishna, Balarama, Elephant, Elephant care taker)
The elephant which is arranged by Kamsa to kill Krishna comes with its care taker. Krishna and Balarama kills the elephant and take out its tusk.

Scene 4: (Krishna, Balarama, Kamsa, two Wrestlers(Malla: Chanoora and Mushtika))
Battle with Wrestlers. Wrestlers are killed by Krishna and Balarama. Later Kamsa is killed by Krishned using the tusk.


Krishna: Sri Kalamandalam Biju
Balarama: Sri Pramod Kumar
Akrura: Sri Ganesh Iyer
Rajaka(Washer man): Sri Kalaramgam Santhosh
Elephant care taker: Sri Sarath
Elephant: Sri Kalarangam Santhosh
Kamsa: Sri Kalamandalam Prasad
Wrstlers: Sri Kalarangam Santhosh, Sri Ganesh Iyer

Music: Sri Sajith, Sri Jayakumar
Percussion: Sri Santhosh Menon, Sri Arun
Presented by Bhaskars Arts Academy, Singapore