Saturday, September 04, 2010

Kathakali Tadakavadham in Singapore, Clementi

Arts Community Tour - Ramayana in Kathakali by Bhaskar's Arts Academy
Date:25 Sep 2010
Time:7.30pm - 8.30pm
Venue:Clementi Community Club

The story in this performance is taken from Ramayana, an ancient epic which has been popular for centuries all over India and Southeast Asia. It relates an early adventure of Prince Rama, in the first test for the young hero as he is sent out to face the demoness Thataka. Thataka is a cannibalistic demoness who represents anger and ignorance. She goes about harassinginnocent men around the forest. The wise sage Vishwamitra hence approaches King Dasaratha and asks for his son Prince Rama to fight Thataka. Vishwamitra trains Rama in archery among other forms of knowledge. Soon Rama is able to fight Thataka and restore peace in the forest.
Rama(Mr Santhosh),Lakshmana (Ganesh Iyer) and Tataka (Kala Biju) from left
From left Viswamitra (Shri Sadanandan Pillai), Dasaratha (Ganesh Iyer), Rama(Kalarangam Santhosh), Vasishta(Kalamandalam Prasad) Presented by Bhasker's Arts Academy, Singapore in Bhopal, MP, India

Co-presented by National Arts Council and Clementi CC.
Tickets at $2. For purchase of tickets and more information, please call Clementi CC at 6265 2411 / 6268 9718.