Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nalacharitham 2nd Day

Nala and Damayanthi got married. Nala and Damayanthi enjoys by talking various things and they go to Nala's garden. Damayanthi is astonished to see that beautiful garden. Then they spend some time in the garden. In the next scene, Kali and Dwapara see each othen on their way to earth and during their talk, both realised that they are in fact going to the same place- For marrying Damayanthi (Both of them are unaware that Damayanthi is already married). They decided to go together and they see Indra, Agni, Yama and Vayu coming from earth back to heaven. Kali and Dwapara salutes them and asks where are you coming from? Indra will tell that they are coming back from long distanceand he asks where Kali is going? Kali tells that he is going to marry Damayanthi. Indra laughs at him and tells that Damayanthi's marriage with Nala is over and that they are coming back after attending that marriage ceremony. Kali got anger and he blames them for just attending the marriage function instead of marrying her. Then Kali decided to separate Nala from Damayanthi and also to get them out of their country. Kali and Dwaparan thinks about the palns to cheat Nala and they decided to meet Pushkara (A distant relative of Nala). Kali can live in somebody if they do some bad things. When Kali observe Nala, he realised that Nala is perfect in all aspect. He waits in a tree for 12 years and at last one day he saw that Nala fogot to put water on his leg's backside when he pray to God. So Kali enter Nala's body. In the third scene, they came to Pushkara's palace and meets him. Pushkara starts telling his worries to them and then Kali starts telling lot of things to Pushkara and he successfully influenced and changed the mind of Pushkara. Kali told him to call Nala for playing game of dice and tell that Dwapara (In the form of an ox) will be given if he looses the game. Pushkara agreed to this and he challeges Nala. Nala came there and he looses in the game. The punishment is to live in jungle forever. Nala and Damayanthi went to jungle to keep the promise. Pushkara orders the people in the country, not to give even a piece of cloth to them. In the jungle, Kali in the form of a bird will come and take Nala's cloth away. When Damayanthi sleeps in Nala's lap, due to the effect of Kali, Nala goes away from there and when Damayanthi wakes up, she see that Nala is missing. She cries in search of Nala in that big jungle. At that time a snake catches Damayanthi's leg and started swallowing her. She cries loudly. A hunter in that jungle hear this sound and he saw Damayanthi. He kills that snake. Damayanthi expresses her gratitude to him. But he asks her to live with him. Atlast as there is no other way to escape from him, Damayanthi curses him and he burnt into ashes due to he curse. (Normally till here is shown in stages). Then Damayanthi wanders in the jungle and she meets some traders and with their help,, she reaches Chedi country and she becomes a servant of the queen over there. Sudevan, a brahmin sent by Damayanthi's father to find Damayanhi reaches there and realised that this servant is Damayanthi. thus Damayanthi reaches her Father's palace. This is Nalacharitham -part II. The characters are:

Nala - Paccha

Damayanthi - Minukku (Lady)

Kali - Special type similar to Red Beard

Dwapara - Special makeup (But nowadays Kurumkatthi is common)

Indra - Paccha

Pushkara - Paccha

Servant (To ready the equipment on game of dice) - Minukku

Ox - Masked makeup

Hunter - Kari (Black beard)

Sudevan -Minukku (Brahmin)

Chedi queen - Minukku (Lady)