Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chutti an essential part of Kathakali make-up

Kathakali make -up will take long time for the completion. It involves the process called "Chutti". This is basically a part of make-up in the face. You might have noticed a long extended white make-up on many Kathakali charecters. It is nothing but "Chutti". It is not easy to do this. "Chutti" by itself is a degree course in Kerala if I am not wrong. This make-up system needs very care and time. Each charecter will have different type of "Chutti" form. For example the "Chutti" for "Pacha" charecters is not te same as that for "Red Thadi" charecters.
There are some charecters who doesnot require this. For example "Minukku" charecters in general willnot have "Chutti" on their face.

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